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It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Katydid, one of our beloved equine therapists. Born at Giant Steps, Katy spent her life helping her countless riders achieve their goals, and will be remembered for her kind eyes, gentle soul, and warm spirit.

We invite you to share your memories of Katy, either via social media, or at the barn, where a tribute space has been set up in the Family Area. As one of our volunteers so perfectly said, “She had such a kind personality and had a quiet wisdom that comes with seeing it all. I can just see her now kicking up her heels and eating all the grass she wants.”

Katy, thank you for your service. You were an integral part of the Giant Steps family, and will be dearly missed. We will be planting an apple tree in her honor; more details to come.

More photos of Katy are on our Facebook page.






We would like to share with you some of the beautiful words shared by our Giant Steps Family:

“Katydid was such a star and truly embodied the spirit of Giant Steps and what we all want to achieve through connection, an open hand/hoof, heart and trusty back to carry us. All of our team is so very special, and the horses carry us, our students, and our reach beyond what any one of us can do alone.  It tears at my heart to think of how difficult those last moments were especially for you who were there with Katy in her last day.  Thanks for being there, together we are not really alone. ” -GS Instructor

“I am so sorry to hear about the loss of Katy. She truly bonded with my son and opened his world to so much more. Giant Steps is such a blessing and beautiful family.” -Rider mom

“Goodbye, Great Katydid, with many many thanks. May her beautiful spirit fly high and happily.” -Rider

“I’m stunned and devastated.  Katydid was my favorite horse at Giant Steps.  I’ve been working with her and a student for several months now.  Katy was so sweet, gentle and I enjoyed talking to her while grooming her on Wednesdays. I can’t begin to tell you how much I’ll miss her. ” -Volunteer

“Thank you for sharing this very sad news. I have only been with Giant Steps since October but feel a deep respect and appreciation for all who made this program possible, especially the horses. I know Katydid will be missed. ” -Volunteer

“I loved working with Katydid. She had such a kind personality and had a quiet wisdom that comes with seeing it all.” -Volunteer

“It was a sad day at the barn yesterday as well as one filled with lots of people (staff, volunteers and riders) showering support upon one another, and all our amazing horse partners, both living and those frolicking free who knows where — as I am sure Katy is now doing.”-GS Instructor

“Hank shared with us the sad news of Katydid’s passing.  We’re so very sorry to hear of your loss, as we’ve experienced it ourselves over the years, sometimes expectantly, and sometimes like this, when there’s nothing more we can do for our dear friend.  It’s never easy, one way or another. Please know we’re thinking of all of you, and while we know she was irreplaceable, we hope you find one equally kind to fill her shoes. Hugs from everyone here at Halleck.” -Equine Therapy Center

“Katydid was a shining star to be sure. She has now crossed the rainbow bridge, as all pets eventually do, and with her go our hearts…My sincere condolences. ” -Volunteer

“Please know that you and your staff are all in my thoughts and prayers as I know how hard it is to lose a beloved horse.” -Horse Sponsor

“I want to say how impressed and thankful I am for all who cared for her in the last 24 hours. True empathy and dedication. XO” -Board Member