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Periodically, someone will ask about including Giant Steps in their estate planning, and we are always honored by the thought. The reality is that over the past eight years, Giant Steps has received charitable bequests that have significantly improved the health and operations of our program. The gifts have allowed us to establish a reserve fund, expand our youth programming, care for our horses, undertake special projects, and have provided an increased level of financial security to our organization.

Each donor had a unique story of now they found Giant Steps. One found us through a website search, another knew the founders, still another invested in us at the urging of his daughters, in honor of his late wife. Regardless of how they found or, or how they designated their funds, these individuals have ensured Giant Steps’ future. Last year, we received two more such gifts, which we will highlight in a future newsletter as we determine how to advance our programming while also returning to pre-COVID levels of our existing programming.

With the addition of a planned giving expert to our Advisory Board, we have taken time to add a section on legacy giving to our website. If you are curious to learn about how to make such a gift, please click here. There are a variety of means to do so. Perhaps one will make sense given your circumstance. Naturally, we are happy to answer any questions you might have.

We are incredibly grateful to the Circle Oak Ranch Trust for including Giant Steps in their charitable bequests. They are just one of multiple generous donors who have thought of Giant Steps when planning for the future.