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Planned Gifts have allowed Giant Steps to expand programming, build infrastructure, establish reserve funds, and much more.

Giant Steps has advisors with expertise in all aspects of planned giving who are available to educate donors and their advisors on the possible methods of supporting Giant Steps’ mission through planned giving.

Types of Planned Giving


A charitable bequest is the simplest and most common form of a planned gift. A bequest is accomplished by indicating your intent to support Giant Steps in your Last Will and Testament or your Living Trust. You can gift a particular asset (shares of stocks), a specific dollar amount, or a percentage of your assets. Many donors leave their gift unrestricted so that the Giant Steps team can direct it to the area of greatest need. Others have specified a specific area of interest: youth programming, equine care, etc. Giant Steps can share with you a variety of naming opportunities to support you in your planning.

Beneficiary Donations

Another simple method of making a planned gift is to name Giant Steps as the beneficiary of an asset you own. This would be appropriate for assets that are not under the control of your will or trust. Examples of these so-called “will substitutes” are bank accounts, retirement plans, annuities, insurance policies, stock and savings bonds. All that is necessary to designate Giant Steps as the beneficiary of all or some of the account is to fill out the beneficiary designation form that can be obtained from the custodian of the particular account.

Charitable Gift Annuities

A Charitable Gift Annuity (CGA) is a very popular way to make a significant gift to Giant Steps while also gaining many personal financial benefits. A CGA is an irrevocable gift that provides lifetime fixed income. It also provides a significant charitable income-tax deduction to the donor in the year in which the gift is made based on the age of the donor.  Please contact the office to request information on CGA’s.

Charitable Remainder Trust

A more sophisticated and powerful type of planned gift is a charitable remainder trust (CRT). CRT’s permit donors to make significant gifts while at the same time: (1) earning fixed or variable income for life or a term of years, (2) avoiding capital gain taxes on the sale of highly appreciated assets (securities and real estate), (3) receiving a generous charitable income tax deduction at the time of the gift and (4) removing an asset from their taxable state. Since CRTs are trusts, the establishment of one requires the services of a knowledgeable attorney and the involvement of your personal professional advisors.

Retained Life-Estate Gift

A retained life-estate gift is usually a property that is irrevocably deeded to Giant Steps, but the donor retains the right to live in it for the rest of his or her life. It is wonderful gift option for seniors who have no heirs yet want to get their “estate in order,” and want to make a significant gift to Giant Steps during their lifetime. When the donor makes the gift, s/he receives a charitable income tax deduction based on the remainder value of the property. While living on the property, the donor is responsible for the maintenance, insurance, taxes and other ongoing expenses as if s/he still owned the property.  In addition to primary residences, farms and vacation homes are often used to establish a charitable life-estate agreement.

For additional information, please call 707-769-8900.

The following chart will help you determine the type of gift that is right for you and your individual circumstances.

Legacy Givers

In choosing to make a legacy gift to Giant Steps, these individuals have ensured Giant Steps’ future. Their generosity has allowed us to establish a reserve fund, expand our youth programming, care for our horses, and generally move Giant Steps forward in significant ways. Each of these individuals had a unique story of now they found Giant Steps. One found us through a website search, another knew the founders, still another invested in us at the urging of his daughters, in honor of his late wife. Each has had an extraordinary impact.

Daniel Barkan – Unrestricted

Circle Oak Ranch Trust – Unrestricted

John P. Collins – Pope/Justice Fund for Equine Care

Raymond O. Dobson – Children’s Programming

Ralph L. (“Rolf”) Lewis – Unrestricted – In Loving Memory of Nanette Lewis