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“It warms our hearts that our beloved Milly can help others with her sweet spirit. While we miss her, we were not riding her, so it is wonderful to see her stay active, engaged, and adored.”

– Larissa McCalla

Donate A Horse

Our horses are at the heart of all our programs. If you have a horse you would like to donate, please review the following criteria and process for Giant Steps to accept a horse for a trial period.
Contact our Program Director with any questions.

Criteria for Horses Entering the Giant Steps Program on Trial

  • Age 7 – 18 years old (preferred variety of positive life experience)
  • Soundness – in all gaits
  • Temperament – low flight response, trainable, good natured
  • Size – between 14 -16.2 hh
  • Training preferred – English, Western, Vaulting, Dressage
  • Low maintenance – feeding, health care, handling, shoeing,
  • Good with other horses
  • Likes people
  • Able to cope with change

Giant Steps Procedure for Horses Entering the Program on Trial

1. Horses must meet the criteria listed for new horses and owner must thoroughly complete the New Horse Initial Screening and the first two pages of the Horse Assessment –  both are available below to download.. The Program Director will determine if the characteristics of the horse match the current program needs (Giant Steps keeps a diverse herd to accommodate the specific needs of our participant population).

2. If the horse is within a 50 mile radius of the program site, horses are observed being groomed, tacked, lead and ridden, by the Program Director, Head Instructor and designated program staff. This is either done at the Giant Steps program location or where the horse is currently boarded.

3. If beyond a 50 mile radius, the owner submits a video of the horse being groomed, tacked, lead and ridden both ways of the ring in all gaits.

4. If the horse meets the criteria and there is space available, then arrangements will be made for the owner to deliver the horse to Giant Steps for a 60-90 day trial period.

5. Prior to the delivery of the horse, the owner and the Giant Steps Program Director will sign the “Horse Trial Period Agreement” (for donations) or “Horse Lease Agreement” (for leased equines).

6. The horse will be in the care and custody of the Giant Steps program staff for the purposes of evaluation and training as outlined in the Horse Trial Agreement. Please note, the owner of the horse is responsible for the cost of board as well as basic veterinary and farrier care while the horse is in his/her trial period.

7. All horse donations over the value of $5000 need to be submitted with 2 appraisals provided by the donor, prior to the trial period.

8. The horse will be accepted as a donation to the program once it has completed the trial period successfully as approved by the Program Director. The owner and the Program Director will sign the “Horse Donation Acceptance Agreement”. If the horse is not deemed suitable for the program at any time during the trial agreement the owner of the horse will be notified and is responsible for transportation of the horse off of Giant Steps property.

Please complete and email the following two forms to

And as with any barn or business, we are in constant need of various supplies.
If you’d rather donate an item, visit our Wish List of supplies we are always in need of.