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Question of the Month: I’m on scholarship; how much do I pay? What do I do if I suddenly am unable to make payments due to an unforeseen circumstance?

Answer: When you initially apply for scholarship, and each year as you renew, Giant Steps looks at your financials to determine your rate of scholarship, whether it be 10, 50, 100%, or anywhere in between. Proof of funds is required with your application.

Once the rate is decided upon, it will remain the same until the following year, unless there is a change in your financial status, for better or for worse. We do not change the rate without a consultation with you.

If you are unable to make a payment to an unforeseen circumstance that is a one-time occurrence, you are welcome to apply to our newly established SUSIE Fund. The SUSIE (Supporting Unexpected Shifts In Expenses) Fund is designed to support clients and/or their families in paying their Giant Steps tuition on a one-time basis following an expected financial crisis. The Fund is created in memory of Susie Wilson, a long-time volunteer, dear friend of Giant Steps, and stalwart supporter of our riders. Click here for more information and the application.