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Our Horses

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Available for Sponsorship


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Liam is a regal thoroughbred with fine lineage. The distant offspring of Secretariat, Liam began his life as a racehorse. He moved on to become a Three-Day Eventer and was donated to us by Phoebe Campbell who competed with him in that discipline. Like many sport horses, Liam is finding the slower pace of work at Giant Steps to be much to his liking. He takes everything in (long and slow) stride and is honest, dependable, and unflappable. Liam teaches responsibility.

Sponsored by the Heimann Family


Martin is a Canadian Blue, the type of horse used by the Mounties in Canada. Martin was a bit shy when he got here, but he quickly befriended his neighbor, Scarlet, and has been happily learning the ropes ever since. Martin was a trail horse with Horse N Around in Bodega Bay. As he got older the steep terrain and rocky footing became challenging, so he is enjoying flat work in our fluffy arena. Martin has consistently accepted all the new training that has been introduced to him. He knows to take care of the rider on his back and diligently does his job. Martin teaches a strong work ethic.

Sponsored by Carolyn Klebanoff & Fred Cohen


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Sponsored Susan Wayland/Strategic Finance Advisory LLC


When Buster arrived at Giant Steps, he immediately wanted to make friends with all the humans and horses he encountered. He is a palomino quarter horse who worked as a trail horse in Mendocino for Turbo Property LLC until the steep and rocky terrain became difficult. Buster lived in a herd in his previous life, and he was often the buddy for other horses who were laid up and needed a friend. His calm nature and friendly spirit make him a best friend to both horses and humans. Buster teaches community.

Sponsored by The Tukman Family


Annabelle is a beautiful gentle giant. A Percheron/thoroughbred cross, Annabelle captures the attention of everyone who sees her. Annabelle was a jumper in her previous life and comes to us as a donation from Debbie and Michael Skinner. Annabelle walked off the trailer upon arrival at Giant Steps and was instantly ready for any kind of class or rider that came her way. She learned to accept a rider from the lift in record time and we have yet to see something she refuses to do.  Annabelle teaches acceptance.

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