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Question of the Month: Where do I call when I can’t make my lesson, or I’m going to be late for my volunteer shift? Can I email instead?

Answer: The barn! As you may know, we have two sites: the office on Commerce Street, and the barn at Sonoma Horse Park. Our office staff (Katherine and Tucker) work in the office, and our program staff (Julie, Jen, and Meghan) work out at the barn. The office staff handles donations, rider payments, event questions, etc. The barn phone number is 707-781-9455. Please call it to let the program staff know of any changes. Although some of you may have the personal number of one of the program staff, please do not use it to report an absence.

We ask that unless you know you about your schedule changes at least 24 hours in advance, please do not email. Our program staff are often out in the arena working with our clients and horses, and not at their desks. It is unlikely they will see your email in time if you send it the day of your scheduled lesson or shift.

Altogether now: where do we call? The barn! 🙂 Thanks for your understanding and cooperation, and see you out there!