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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have horse experience to become a volunteer?
A: No! We do not require our volunteers to have previous horse experience. If you do, that is great, and if you don’t, we will teach you what you need to know!

What does the time commitment look like?
A: We ask our volunteers to commit to at least one consistent class per week. Consistency helps build connection for our clients and betters the overall experience of therapeutic riding and equine activities. If you are able to do more, that is great!

If I can’t commit to weekly classes are there other opportunities for me to get involved?
A: While our greatest need is for weekly volunteers, we do also rely on substitute volunteers to fill in when a volunteer is absent, and we may have other opportunities for single-day volunteer projects. Reach out to Elise, our Volunteer Coordinator, to see what opportunities we have. Email for more information.

I don’t have the physical strength to lead or sidewalk- is there still an opportunity for me to help out?
A: Yes! We also need support in the barn for feeding, grooming, and tacking horses, as well as taking care of other barn chores like cleaning.

Why do I need to come to orientation?
A: Orientation provides an opportunity for us to take new volunteers through how we do things at Giant Steps. This includes safety precautions, emergency procedures, and other training to help prepare everyone for classes. It is a great opportunity to meet our staff and other volunteers, and allows us to come together to create the best possible environment for our clients.

Is there an age requirement for volunteers?
A: Our minimum age to help in classes is 14 years old.

Have additional questions? Please contact Volunteer Coordinator Elise at 707-781-9455 or

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Volunteer Orientation

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