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Question of the MonthWhy do I not get an invoice for my rider’s lessons? Can I pay only for the lessons s/he attends?

Like any other business, Giant Steps runs on a schedule. Prior to each session starting, we work hard to make sure all enrolled riders are assigned a horse, instructor, volunteers, and time slot that works for them. Once the session starts, all those pieces are reserved for that rider. With that many moving parts, it is impossible to insert someone else into a time slot, should your rider not be able to join us for a lesson.

We bill at the beginning of each session to avoid any confusion, for the entire session. As a reminder, for those on scholarship, we have a limit of missing 30% of your lessons in a term before we will drop you to make room for someone else, as we have an extensive waiting list. Because we bill for the entire session vs. a per lesson basis, invoices for each lesson are not available.

While we do the best we can to accommodate everyone’s schedule, we appreciate you understanding our limitations. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Tucker