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We are thrilled to announce our own Excel was chosen as the Region 11 PATH Horse of the Year! While an extremely versatile horse, Excel was nominated by a Giant Steps rider and parent for his exceptional ability to connect with those dealing with emotional challenges. “My son has hemophilia and suffers from PTSD from a medical event. He needs to build confidence and feel safe to recover. He met Excel on his first day at Giant Steps, and more than two year later, talks about him as if he is family.”

This student joined Giant Steps as a rider, but soon discovered he prefers to work with the horses from the ground. Excel, a 17 hand horse, can seem intimidating at first, but as this student quickly learned, is extremely gentle and nurturing. The student says about him: “He has unconditional compassion no matter what my mood is on that day. When I go home and have a bad day, I can think of our time together, which is sometimes funny and sometimes full of love, and that helps me make it through the week.”

We’re so proud to have Excel and the rest of our exceptional horses as part of the Giant Steps program, and thank PATH for recognizing his incredible contributions. Congratulations Excel!

Excel is currently available for sponsorship in 2017; please contact Beth if you are interested in learning more.