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It is always difficult for us to tell a potential client that they do not fit our criteria for riding. D came to us last fall and because we have a client weight limit, she couldn’t join our mounted lesson program. We discussed options and she decided to join an Equine Facilitated Learning (EFL) class. During the EFL class, D spent time grooming and connecting with her horse, and ground work in the arena.

D’s ultimate goal was to ride, as she had ridden previously and wanted to get back in the saddle. The work that she did with her horse from the ground continued to keep her motivated as she worked on losing the necessary weight to meet our limits. Grooming and walking with the horse can be quite a work out and this also helped her with her goal.

While D was working on the goal of losing weight, she also gained some other great benefits from the EFL class. D learned to overcome obstacles and gain confidence in both her dealings with the horses and in her life outside of Giant Steps. D has increased her independence and started working at a new job.

It took seven months, and in March 2019, D proudly announced that she had reached her weight loss goal! We were happy to move her into a riding class this term, and she is back up on a horse and riding!