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One of the magical things about Giant Steps is the we attract amazing people at all levels – clients, volunteers, supporters, and fans. Among these wonderful people are our Board of Directors.

We have been fortunate to have had Darby Furth Bonomi as a member of our board for the past three years. She brought enthusiasm, grace, passion, and plain old common sense to our conversations. Her background as a psychologist and as a competitive rider greatly informed our programming, and we will miss her. Happily, though, she won’t be too far away, and has agreed to serve in an advisory capacity. And, in typical Giant Steps fashion, we have involved Darby’s family, with her husband, Tom, serving on our Internal Committee, and her daughters, Adele and Clara, participating in our annual Junior Relay. We send many thanks to Darby and her family for all they do for us.

We also send congratulations to Darby on her new venture as a performance coach and general adviser on the world of equestrian competition. Please visit her sparkly new website!