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As you might imagine, we are invited to many events to share the good work of Giant Steps – more than our small staff can reasonably handle. We want to continue to get the word out, so we thought we would reach out to the lovers of Giant Steps to recruit volunteer spokespeople. Most of these opportunities are tabling events in which members of the public approach you. Occasionally the event will involve addressing a small group (think fewer than a dozen people). When an outreach opportunity presents itself, we will email the group with the specifics, and you can share your availability. Depending on the format of the event, you will be supplied with all the necessary materials: brochures, business cards, photos, a FAQ cheat sheet, etc.

By agreeing to be on the Speakers Bureau, you are not making any specific commitment, other than to be on the email list of folks willing to consider representing us. There will not be a specific obligation or time commitment. Most of the events are fun, so hopefully you will have a good time while also sharing your love of Giant Steps. Please email Beth if we may add you to the list.