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Question of the MonthHow did you come up with the new logo?

The answer is a bit long, but worth the read!

The process was fun, and very informative. Our fabulous design team, Jenny and Carie from Design Bureau, probed what our brand has meant to date, and what it needs to represent as we continue to thrive and expand. They talked with a variety of stakeholders, distributed questionnaires and analyzed the results, returned with follow-up questions, and led the brand and website design committees through thoughtful conversations.

In the end, they learned that Giant Steps is a truly multi-faceted program. This is seen in the sheer variety of disabilities we are able to serve, and the breadth of skills we are able to teach. It is represented by the wealth of people who participate in Giant Steps: clients and their families and caregivers, rock star instructors and volunteers who work with them, the board and donors who support every aspect of this program, and the humble staff who serve with pride. And, of course, we see the multi-dimensional nature of our program in our beloved herd. Each is a unique and giving being, and together they are at the heart of our program.

Jenny took photos of all of our horses, and Carie created the representation of a horse head that grew into being our new logo. It was actually based on two of our horses,  Sonoma and Shahara. With the little head turn, and the eye gazing towards us, we thought this represented one of our curious and engaged herd members, waiting to serve the next client.

We send true thanks to Jenny and Carie for their tireless work on our project. They went above and beyond. We also thank the members of the branding and website redesign committees: Joey Evans, Julie Larson, Larissa McCalla, Beth Porter, and Jane Whatmore.

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