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In a scenario eerily reminiscent to 2017, Sonoma County lived through the Kincade Fire in October, which scorched over 77,000 acres in Geyserville and Healdsburg. Thanks to the heroic efforts of local and statewide partners, no human lives were lost, and there was minimal structure damage in comparison to 2017.

Giant Steps was fortunate to not be affected by the fires, although we did lose power at the barn, like many of you. Our staff, instructors, and many volunteers and supporters gave their time and resources to the evacuation efforts throughout the week, volunteering at Sonoma Horse Park, the Sonoma County Fairgrounds, and fundraising for Sonoma CART. We were so grateful to feel prepared, thanks in part to our recent fundraising campaign to keep our facility and horses safe.

If you are interested in continuing to be involved in animal evacuation and emergency sheltering, please reach out to Sonoma CART (Community Animal Response Team). You can learn more about their efforts on their website, and see their impact during the Kincade Fire on their Facebook page.