“The horses make my stress go away.”

-Rider living with Down Syndrome,
Age 42

At Giant Steps, we are extremely fortunate to have amazing “therapists.”
Help us keep them happy and healthy by sponsoring one today.

Sponsor A Horse

Belle Available for sponsorship


Belle came to us from the family of one of our previous riders. The young girl’s skill set eventually outgrew the Giant Steps program, but she wanted to continue with her love for horses, and Belle became a beloved member of their family. Now Belle’s friend is in college and so she needs new riders to teach. She is the biggest mare in the barn (and has the biggest hooves!), but is a gentle giant, and loves the activity of our busy barn. Belle’s stature can be intimidating, but those who ride her find that she is willing and kind, giving them a sense of confidence. Belle teaches growth and transition. She is available for sponsorship.

Corky Partially sponsored in loving memory of Paul Rose


A Morgan, Corky was born in 1993, and joined Giant Steps at the age of 17. They say opposites attract; unlike his best friend Darren, Corky likes to stir things up in the herd, and enjoys bossing the other horses around. He does especially well with riders who need to work on balance, and thrives with an audience. Corky teaches strength, and is partially sponsored in loving memory of Paul Rose.

Darren Partially sponsored by Cerro Pampa Polo Club


A Quarter horse, Darren was born in 1996, and joined Giant Steps at the age of 14. He is one of the most dependable and versatile horses in the barn, and the strong, silent type: calm, stoic and eager to please. Darren teaches gentleness and consistency, and is partially sponsored by Cerro Pampa Polo Club.

Excel Sponsored by Patricia McHugh Rames in honor of Jim McHugh


A Zangershiede, Excel was born in 1995, and joined Giant Steps at the age of 17. He was awarded the Region 11 PATH Horse of the Year in 2016, and is one of our steadiest horses. His easy-going nature appeals to a variety of riders, and he stands out as being a friendly "therapist" who creates a special bond with many of our students. Excel teaches communication, and is available for sponsorship.

Franklin Available for sponsorship


Franklin is a Paint, born in 1999, and joined Giant Steps in Fall 2017. He has consistently been the “easy-going” horse in any barn he has lived in. Franklin is dependable and kind and worthy of the trust others put in him. He loves to forge relationships with those he comes in contact with. In the arena, he can test riders’ use of leg aids. Although docile and sweet, he does have a mind of his own. Franklin teaches determination, and is available for sponsorship.

Lena Sponsored in loving memory of Lindy Buchanan


Lena is a Quarter Horse, born in 2003, who spent her summers riding trails with her owner in Idaho. When her owner passed away she started her new career as an equine therapist at Giant Steps in Summer 2017. Lena quickly settled in at Giant Steps and started working with many different riders in all different types of classes. The common thread is that all of her riders love her sweet demeanor and her super soft muzzle. She is as fun to love on as she is to ride. Lena teaches loyalty, and is sponsored in loving memory of Lindy Buchanan.

Milly Sponsored by Brenda Bottum


An Oldenburg, Milly was born in 1998, and joined Giant Steps at the age of 16. She is one of our biggest mares, with a big personality to match. One of her greatest strengths is to read people and give them exactly what they need. Milly teaches the art of being present, and is sponsored by Brenda Bottum.

Mr. Fizz Sponsored by friends and clients of Full Circle Farm in honor of Dusty Blackwood, and by Carolyn Klebanoff & Fred Cohen

Mr. Fizz

An Irish Sport Horse, Mr. Fizz was born in 1995, and joined Giant Steps at the age of 20. He would curl up in your lap if he could, but considering he measures 16.3 hands, it is likely not a good idea. Whether he has met you a million times before or this is the first, Mr. Fizz will welcome you with open arms. Mr. Fizz teaches acceptance and is sponsored by friends and clients of Full Circle Farm in honor of Dusty Blackwood, and by Carolyn Klebanoff & Fred Cohen.

Odee Partially sponsored by Pete Henig


Odee is a jack of all trades, and a master of them too. He has been there and done that, which makes him a perfect therapeutic riding horse. Odee started life as a cutting horse, then became a western lesson horse. In his spare time Odee attended parades and carried flag bearers and he took his owner, Pete, a self-professed beginner in the horse world, on trail rides. Odee joined Giant Steps in late 2016, and immediately fit in to all classes. He is patient and careful with riders who need full support as well as honest and forgiving with those who are learning how to use their reins to steer off lead for the first time. Odee loves people and he is often the first head you see hanging over his stall door upon entering the barn. Odee teaches balance, and is partially sponsored by Pete Henig.

Pepe Sponsored by KCS Estates


A Tennessee Walker, Pepe was born at Giant Steps in 2002. The barn comedian, he is affectionate and loves to give and receive attention. Like his best friend Tuey, he has a playful attitude, and his boisterous nature draws the rider’s attention and has a calming effect, enabling the rider to focus and concentrate. Pepe teaches a sense of humor, and is sponsored by KCS Estates.

Scarlet Partially sponsored in honor of Trevor Gilmore & Fred Felman


Born at Giant Steps in 2001, Scarlet is a Tennessee Walker, and the Grand Dame of the barn. Scarlet is a benevolent leader and she carefully protects her rider as one of her own. Scarlet teaches confidence and is partially sponsored in honor of Trevor Gilmore & Fred Felman.

ShaharaPartially sponsored by Lagunitas Brewing Company


An Arabian, Shahara was born in 1995, and joined Giant Steps at the age of 17. She is the smallest in our herd, and her narrow build is well-suited to riders who have high muscle tone in their legs. Shahara teaches movement, and is available for sponsorship.

Tuey Partially sponsored by Evelyn Greene


A Paint, Tuey was born in 2000, and joined Giant Steps at the age of ten. A junior member of the herd, he brings a youthful and playful attitude to the barn, which extends to his work. Like a teenager, Tuey chooses when to follow directions, giving riders the opportunity to develop and improve their leg muscles, and their focus! Tuey teaches firmness, and is partially sponsored by Evelyn Greene.

Tiki Sponsored by the Figueirinhas Family


Tiki is an Arabian, born in 2002, who came to Giant Steps in Summer 2017 from Tamber Bey Vineyards. Tiki was an endurance horse for many years and has covered a lot of miles on a lot of trails. He easily transitioned to arena riding, and does everything with flare and elegance. All of our riders have different strengths and ways of doing things, and Tiki teaches everyone how to do it all with style. He is sponsored by the Figueirinhas Family.

If you cannot sponsor a horse, perhaps you would consider supporting our Emergency Veterinary Fund with a gift of any size.