Giant Steps Videos

Take a look at Giant Steps through the photography of JWLee Visuals.

This is the story of a very determined young girl, Megan, and her journey to becoming the young girl her family had hoped for as she deals with her autism with the strength given by her love for horses at Giant Steps.


Giant Steps is proud to have the community support that we do. It is truly inspirational, what therapeutic riding can do for these children. The following 12 minute video describes Giant Steps through the eyes of a parent, as well as how our program is clinically proven to be effective and accredited to help riders of all ages.


This is the story of Andrew and though he faces obstacles in his life at such a young age, he overcomes life's challenges with the help of his 1,000 pound therapist..


Veterans living with post traumatic stress disorder ride at Giant Steps in our Heroes on Horses program.