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Click here to learn all about the 2017 4th Annual Giant Steps Charity Classic Junior Relay.

To create a GoFundMe page:

  1. Visit
  2. Click “Start a GoFundMe”
  3. Create an account, or if you already have one, log in. You can create an account using your email address or Facebook.
  4. Enter your goal; we recommend $500 as a starting point—you can always go back and raise the amount! One page per team please.
  5. Enter your campaign title: 4th Annual Giant Steps Junior Relay
  6. Under “Who are you raising money for?” choose “Charity or non-profit”
  7. In “Funds to Benefit” type in either our name (Giant Steps Therapeutic Equestrian Center) or our EIN number (680404917). Please do not select Giant Steps Charity Classic.
  8. Under “Category” choose “Non-profits and charities”
  9. Zip code: 94954
  10. Click “next”
  11. Check the box, and click “continue”
  12. Upload a photo! We recommend one that includes both teammates, or represents you both in some way. You could also upload the Giant Steps logo. Click here to download it.
  13. If it looks correct, click “save and continue.” If not, make your changes, then click “save and continue”
  14. Tell your story! Why are you participating in the Junior Relay? What does Giant Steps mean to you personally? The more details, the better. Make sure to include information about Giant Steps, and what we do. Feel free to copy and paste the following:

Giant Steps Therapeutic Equestrian Center was founded in 1998, and is based on the belief that caring for and riding horses can be a powerful and life-changing tool for healing individuals with physical, emotional, and developmental challenges. It is our mission to enrich and change the lives of children (and adults) with disabilities through the extraordinary benefits of therapeutic riding and related equine-assisted therapy. Our long-term goal is to improve the health outcomes of Bay Area children and adults with disabilities by providing them with affordable, effective and safe equine-based therapeutic services. It is our promise to never turn away a rider because of lack of means. Learn more at

  1. Click “next”
  2. Your campaign is ready to be shared with the world! You can connect to your email account to send a message to your contacts, and get a link to share to Facebook, Twitter, and other social media. Make sure to tag us when you do! @giantstepstec, #giantstepstec You can even set daily updates on Facebook, and send messages to your friends.
  3. Make sure to email Katherine and let her know you’ve made a page! Please include your name, your teammate’s name, your team name, and a link to your fundraising page. One page per team please.

If you have any questions or get confused along the way, don’t hesitate to email Katherine for help: [email protected]

Click here for an example of a fundraising page.