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Question of the Month: I know that Giant Steps is closed on Sundays and Mondays, but sometimes I see activity at the barn. What is going on?

Answer: Giant Steps has regular therapeutic riding classes Tuesday – Saturday at which our weekly clients come for the scheduled classes. On Sundays we offer “targeted programming” for community partner organizations. Targeted programming differs depending on the group that is attending and their needs and interests. We may offer ground work, riding, or a combination of the two. Generally it is a day of fun for the participants, who will go home with a new understanding of horses, horsemanship, compassion, empathy, social skills and teamwork. Some groups we work with are: COTSProject AvaryLighthouse for the Blind, and families from Travis Air Force Base and the Coast Guard Training Center Petaluma, who come to us through the USO.

On Mondays we have hippotherapy classes with our resident speech pathologist, Aine Vejby, SLP, work on facility projects, and let the horses have some rest.