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Question of the Month: Why do you have two phone numbers?

Answer: We have two phone numbers because we have two locations! They are as follows:

The barn office (707) 781-9455: Jen, Julie, and Meghan work out of the barn office, Tuesday-Saturday, 10-5 pm. Need to cancel a lesson? Call the barn. Not going to make it to your volunteer shift? Call the barn. Looking to donate a horse to the program? Call the barn. Questions about classes, our partner programs with the USO, scheduling field trips, last minute volunteer hours that need to be completed? Call the barn.

The admin office (707) 769-8900: Tucker and Katherine work out of the admin office, Monday-Friday, 11-5 pm. Questions about billing and rider payments? Call admin. Want to sponsor an event? Call admin. Want to make a monetary donation? Call admin. Questions about grants, upcoming events, newsletters, our website? Call admin.