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Each year, we also ask you, our clients (or their caregivers), to tell us what you love, and what we could improve. As with the volunteers, you love more aspects than you want us to improve. Yay!

Here are some fun numbers about our clients:

  • Most of you found us through word of mouth (55.9%). The rest of you came through a variety of referrals from medical professionals.
  • Over 70% of you (70.6%) have been with us for more than a year. More than a quarter of you (26.5%) have been with us for more than five years. How lucky are we?

Here are some of the many statements with which you agreed or strongly agreed:

  • I am satisfied overall: 100%
  • I look forward to coming to Giant Steps: 100%
  • I am treated with dignity and respect: 100%
  • I would recommend Giant Steps to others: 97.1%
  • I feel appreciated: 94.1%

The biggest area of concern for the clients was the goal-setting process. There is interest in having more transparency about what goals are set, and what progress is achieved at the end of each session. We tried to carve out time for your instructors to chat with you at one of your January classes by having back-up instructors staff mount and perform warm-up exercises. If your instructor was not able to meet with you during one of the early classes this winter session, please let us know. You can contact Jen ([email protected]).

For those who come to us as part of a group (such as Cedars, Becoming Independent, Cypress School, and AIS), caregivers should check with their participant as the progress report is sent home with them on the last day of the term.

We will poll you again next year, but if you have thoughts to share between now and then, please don’t hesitate to send a note to Jen ([email protected]) or Beth ([email protected]).