Emily's Story

Ten-year-old Emily was referred to a local mental health agency with a diagnosis of depression. She had told her teacher that she wanted to die. She had no friends and was failing in school.

Emily has been receiving services this school year. She was in one previous group through Mental Health at Forget-Me-Not-Farms, but was afraid of the animals there, even sleeping puppies! For that reason, I was somewhat apprehensive in referring her to Giant Steps. However, Emily has been able to overcome her fears and is developing self-confidence in her abilities. Her depression is gone. She now greets me with a big smile and is much more animated. She is getting much better with peers. A real concrete measure of her improvement is that her reading scores came way up this school year and she is now testing at grade level. That is quite the achievement!

Taken from a letter submitted by a local mental health agency on July 31, 2006