Adam's Story

Adam counts the days until his Tuesday riding lesson.

Dear Giant Steps,

My son Adam is adopted from Karaganda, Kaza-chstan. He was two years old when we brought him home. One might think that two years in an Eastern European Orphanage would not do much damage to a child. I thought that love alone would be the cure. How wrong I was!

When we learned of Giant Steps we were feeling like we were sinking as a family. I had lost work temporarily due to a back injury. Occupational and speech therapy were no longer working. Easter Seals would not offer services because they did not understand his complex issues. We had the diagnosis and a community without resources. Adam is diagnosed with Reactive Attachment disorder, Sensory Integration issues, Post Traumatic Stress, no impulse control, ADD, and superior intelligence.

Giant Steps took us on scholarship for the first semester. That in itself was so huge because for two years everything we tried was out of pocket and we were getting so financially strapped we thought we would lose our home. The caring of all of the community at Giant steps immediately felt like we were in a supportive home. The staff took in all my shell shock, listened and offered support.

Now Adam counts the days until Tuesday riding. He literally is learning the days of the weeks because he looks forward to riding so intensely.

He has learned his left hand from his right hand. He stops with his instructor and listens to instructions. He remembers instructions. This is a boy that jumped twelve feet out a window because the impulse called. For him to stop and listen is huge! He remembers cues from the week before.

Ask Adam who his best friend is and he says his Giant Steps horse. Unfortunately prior to this he thought nothing of maiming or killing an animal. He had no ability to control the impulse. Now he brushes our donkeys and feeds them slowly out of his hands. He has learned he should not run past them or go near their feet.

To watch him follow instruction intently renews my faith that we will get through this week by week. To see him sitting high and proud on the beautiful Tennessee Walker lets me elevate his potentials in my mind. When he turns and looks over to make sure we are watching and then smiles, I realize the attachment disorder is melting away and he needs us in his life.

Giant Steps isn't just saving my son, it is holding our family together. Thank you so very much for this opportunity. I am constantly telling people about your special program, special people and what a perfect place it is to volunteer, donate financially or for the children with needs to receive a feeling of success.


Adam’s Parents