Meet the Mares

Katydid K

atydid, a genteel lady, is also a Tennessee Walker.  In 2010, she was awarded the Region 11 PATH horse of the year.  Any rider would feel at ease with Katydid.  She is sweet, well adjusted and understanding.  She likes to walk fast, and she will match her sidewalker, step for step.  One of Katydid’s favorite riders is a woman in her 80’s.  Katydid is a patient, willing teacher for those who are learning the fine art of grooming horses.  Katydid teaches body awareness and quietness. Katydid is generously sponsored by Brenda Bottum.

Scarlet Scarlet, the Grande Dame and lead mare at Giant Steps, is a Tennessee Walker. She’s a “type A” personality who loves to be in charge. She’s the official greeter whenever someone enters the barn. It’s no accident that she’s in the first stall. She will even chastise you if you greet another horse first. Scarlet is a born leader. Mares and geldings follow her firm direction, and she even tries to direct people if given the chance. But Scarlet is a benevolent leader and she carefully protects her rider as one of her own. Scarlet teaches confidence. Scarlet is generously sponsored by Trevor Gilmore

Shahara Shahara, an Arabian mare, is one of the smallest in our herd, and is well-suited to riders who do not have much ability to stretch their legs across a horse, such as Andrew, who lives with cerebral palsy. He rides to build core strength and to increase flexibility. Each time Shahara stops and starts, Andrew must engage his core muscles to stay upright. Also, as he sits on Shahara’s back his pelvis passively receives the motion of walking. Both of these will help him become more independent, and able to assist with transfers in and out of his wheelchair.Shahara is generously sponsored by Sophia Cowley

Sunny Sunny, a mature American Paint, is a born care giver and a real therapy horse at heart. Sunny is most happy when she is surrounded by children, and especially when there is a child seated upon her back. Originally acquired as a trail riding horse, Sunny instinctively gravitated towards her previous rider’s autistic three year old son. Right away it was apparent that Sunny was special when she demonstrated a heightened level of sensitivity and intuition with him and other children, always paying close attention to the kids around her and adjusting herself to accommodate them. Sunny is a very calm, gentle, and sweet horse, teaching confidence and trust with her dependable personality and tender spirit. Take a Giant Step - Be My Sponsor!.