Darren, a solid Quarter Horse, is the tallest horse in the barn.  He came to Giant Steps from U.C. Davis where he taught the finer points of jumping.  If Darren were a dog, he’d be a Labrador Retriever. He’s the strong, silent type, calm, stoic and eager to please. When Darren opens his eyes really wide, that is his way of saying that something is going on that may not be to his liking.  While Darren works well with all riders, he specializes in working with those who ride independently.  He’s faithful and consistent and takes excellent care of his riders.  Darren teaches gentleness and consistency.

Darren is generously sponsored by the Rombauer Family

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Giant Steps has given Bridget a newfound confidence.

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Scarlet is our therapist who fosters confidence in her riders.

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