Affiliations & Resources



Becoming Independent

Brain Injury Resource Center (B.I.R.C.)

The Cedars of Marin

Flowery Elementary School

Greenacre Homes

Mentor Me Petaluma

Oak Hill School

Sadie’s Haven


Social Advocates for Youth

Sonoma County Department of Mental Health Services

United Cerebral Palsy of the North Bay/Cypress School


Sweetwater Spectrum




Allied Integration Services





Guide to Higher Education for Students with Disabilities
The goal of our guide is to help disabled students and their parents better understand their rights when it comes to post-secondary education. In addition to outlining laws and regulations that apply specifically to students with disabilities, our guide offers tips and information about finding a college or university that best suits a student’s needs.

American Hippotherpy Association

Amy Powell DC
Animal Chiropractic & Equine Sports Massage

Attention Deficit Disorder Association
Helping Adults with ADHD Lead Better Lives

Autism Research Institute
The hub of a worldwide network of parents and professionals concerned with autism

Autism Society of America
Opportunities for persons within the Autism spectrum

Autism Speaks

Brain Injury Association of America

California Department of Developmental Services

CRC Health- Asperger's Syndrome
Information about Asperger's Syndrome & treatment options from CRC Health, a national behavioral management company

Horses and Humans Foundation

National Association of the Deaf
Has information on legal rights and advocacy for the Deaf

National Center for Learning Disabilities

National Disability Resources

Center for Parent Information and Resources

National Federation for the Blind

National Multiple Sclerosis Foundation